A dramatic poem by Henrik Ibsen
Nymphenburg Palace Summer Festival
Produced by Ensemble Persona

Henrik Ibsen wrote Peer Gynt about 100 years after the discovery of the ego in philosophy. Throughout his life, Gynt is on a quest for his identity. But whether lying, cheating, or fantasizing, he fails to achieve his great goal.

For this staging of Ibsen’s anti-hero play a mountain in two parts was constructed on the open-air stage in the courtyard of the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. The stage draws a visual parallel between a typical wooden hut and a Norwegian mountain landcape, suggesting that in the quest for one’s identity and home one doesn’t always have to look too far.
With Yannick Zürcher, Elisabeth Rass, Peter Kempkes, Rodrigo Umseher, Claudia Roick, Sophia Lahme and Monika Steinwidder
Directed by Tobias Maehler
Lighting Design by Matthias Wanek
Costume Design by Sarah Silbermann
Technical Direction by Christian Kern
Photography by Bernt Haberland
Production Management by Sandra Maehler


An immersive exhibition of stage models
and accompanying catalogue design
Kleist-Museum, Frankfurt (Oder)

Over 40 stage models from seven decades of theater history can be found in the collection of the Kleist-Museum. Stage models are presented in a variety of environments that focus on their role as works of art, archival materials and designers’ tools. History of stage models is shown throughout the stations, as well as various aspects of Heinrich von Kleist's reception in the theater. The exhibition is enriched by additional materials from the museum collection, which are presented part analogue, part digitally through a specially created AR app.
Curated by Viviane Meierdreeß and Milena Rolka
Associate Design by Shel Yan
Polish texts by Paulina Jonczynski
AR Design by Research group INKA, HTW Berlin
Furniture and Montage by Backstage Jonscher GmbH
Technical Direction by Frank Käubler

With generous support of Land Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research and Culture


(On the Marionette Theatre)
An exhibition devoted to Heinrich von Kleists text
Kleist-Museum, Frankfurt (Oder)

Seldom has a text provoked so many questions and interpretations as ,Über das Marionettentheater’ by Heinrich von Kleist. The exhibition focuses on the dialogical structure of Kleist‘s text. In the first space, visitors are invited to walk through three interactive stations and through play contemplate the themes of Kleists text: absolute beauty, imperfection of a human, a possibility of paradise. A black band weaves through the stations and lists all the dialogical words that Kleist used in the text. Upon leaving, the visitor is confronted with a shed. In the viewing hole on its side there is a vision of a paradise, however as they enter it they walk through a staged kitschy darkroom of a night club. As Kleist would tell us, “paradise is locked and bolted”.
Exhibition curated by Dr. Barbara Gribnitz, Prof Dr. Anne Fleig and Department of German Studies at the Free University of Berlin
Technical Direction by Frank Käubler