Set Design


Musical collage of love, possession and happiness
With Arnold Schönberg's "Die Glückliche Hand", Claudio Monteverdi's "L'Orfeo" and Steve Reich's "Piano Phase”
Opernhaus Chemnitz, premiere on 24 March 2022

The desire to grasp the happiness of the moment with one's hands runs through both Schöneberg’s and Monteverdi’s operas. Three radically different musical pieces follow one another and show the cycles of human struggle between yearning, conquering, failing and starting anew.

A new mountain was constructed for the show in the middle of Opera Chemnitz foyer. Balancing between a natural and industrial landscape, the set acts as a challenging playing field, which the hero needs to navigate.

Directed by Veit-Jacob Walter
Musical Direction by Anna Scholl
Designed in collaboration with Tina Hübner
Played by Till von Orlowsky and Thomas Kiechle
Chor and musicians of Chemnitz Opera