The story of Macbeth is at the same time a personal tragedy of a man who has lost his way, as it is also a story about a society in which he has socialised and which has later become the victim of his actions. The proposed production packs this story into the space of an institute for preventive medicine. This location allows the action to be viewed in a closed system, reduced to a minimum, which shows the interactions clearly, unexpectedly and in its perversity.

The tragedies in Macbeth are a result of mistakes that occur in an institution. Three medical assistants play with their patient and further develop with Macbeth his sick idea that he is indeed a hero who could become the King of England. Disoriented, he begins to find striking similarities between his home and the characters in his play and decides to fight for power with the management of the institute.

The space of the first act is fragmented. A selection of rooms within the Institute are presented: Macbeth's department with its puppet theatre / a control room / a corridor. This provides an introduction to the play that simultaneously shows Macbeth's character development and his surroundings. A scene change occurs shortly after Duncan's murder. Macbeth's room eats the space around it, growing like a cancer cell, becoming one with the institution it is in.